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Laura Craig Licensed Cosmetologists & 25 Years as a Hair Stylist

Laura Craig – Licensed Cosmetologists & Hair Stylist

Professional Hair Expert

My name is Laura Craig, owner, and operator of LGC Hair Restoration. I am a certified hair replacement specialist, and I have been in the hair replacement field for over 25 years. I have worked with men, women, and children of all ages. I have the knowledge and hands-on experience in administering the best hair restoration techniques for many years. Also, I understand the many different hair restoration problems, so I can talk with you about solving your problem using different approaches. With my extensive hair restoration knowledge and skill, I provide to my customers the hair they once had or the hair look and style they always wanted.

Service You Can Trust

I do my job with compassion and integrity to ensure confidence and trust with my clients. I understand how people feel when they are experiencing hair loss. Whether you have inherited male or female pattern baldness or experiencing Alopecia, Trichotillomania, Chemotherapy, or post-surgical. I have solutions for you!

Why is LGC Hair Restoration Different?

Aside from 35 years of experience in the hair business, I always provide personalized services to you to Improve your appearance at every visit. All my Hair Restoration Services are performed under my immediate supervision or directly by me, Laura Craig, a Florida State Licensed Cosmetologist and a Certified Hair Restoration Specialist with over 25 years experience.

I am Devoted to My Clients

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A happy satisfied client

I treat my clients like family. You will not be tossed from person to person when you come to LGC Hair Restoration. I stay with you from beginning to the end of each service. I do not lock you into a contract that makes you feel intimidated if you choose to go somewhere else to have your hair serviced. I have years of hands-on experience helping clients with their hair problem from all walks of life. My work is rewarding when I see the look on my clients’ faces when they see the finished results.

Trained and Educated in Florida

I am a graduate of the best Hair Replacement Hair Academy in the State of Florida, International Hair Academy. I also offer Wigs/Cranial Prosthesis from fashion to necessary restoration. LGC Hair Restoration is proud to be a certified salon for Wigs

For Kids. Hair donors always welcome to harvest ponytails. We also cut and style on children receiving hair replacement.

Call me to set up an appointment to discuss your hair loss needs. I would be glad to help you. – Laura Craig, Owner of LGC Hair Restoration and Professional Hair Expert for over 35 years.