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Laura Craig

“My trusted hair services will exceed your expectations with the natural-looking hair you want. You get the highest quality results at half the price of my competitors. With my personal, friendly southern style, I will always treat you like family.”

Quote by Laura Craig – founder and operator of LGC Hair Restoration LLC,  Licensed Cosmetologist for over 39 years and Certified Hair Restoration Specialist for over 32 years.

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LGC & PNC Breast Cancer Awareness

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The Best Value in Tampa Bay for
Non-surgical Permanent & Semi-Permanent Hair Replacement

Natural-Looking Hair

No One Suspects He is a LGC Hair Restoration Customer.

Before and After

I  have worked with thousands of customers in the Tampa Bay and Eastern Hillsborough area for over 39 years. I listen to my customers and work with them to enhance their hair appearance. My results speak for themselves. It’s not what I think – it’s what my customers think about their appearance and their satisfaction with my work. Please view some of the Before and After photos below by clicking on each photo to enlarge it.

My Hair Studio Services

Sales & Free Hair Consultation

Get my Free Hair Restoration Consultation to assess your hair issues. I’ll guide you to get the best solution to enhance your appearance. My studio showcase has a variety of high-quality wigs.

Customized Hair Restoration

I’ll work with you to decide on the best Customized Hair Restoration System. I have the skills to cut & shape your new hair system to perfectly blend with your desired hairstyle, so it looks natural.

Hair Styling or Haircutting

 As a licensed cosmetologist for 39 years, I perform world-class hairstyling and haircutting for men, women & children. I focus on getting the image you want from a simple style to coiffure.

Other Studio Services

I provide a variety of studio and cosmetology services. These services range from trimming eyebrows to wig maintenance. Also, I offer a full set of off-the-shelf products for healthy hair.

What Our Clients Say

I highly recommend LGC Hair Restoration to anyone. Laura is highly knowledgeable in the hair business. She will also give you the best Service. She always makes me feel beautiful from the minute I walk in the door.

Laura gives you such a relaxing visit while she is making you look beautiful. She treats you like a great friend and makes you feel so comfortable. She is kind, patient and very understanding. You will not be sorry that you gave her your business.

Denise N.

Yes, miracles do happen. Aside from being one of the nicest people you will ever meet Laura is a miracle worker with hair.

She transformed my life by allowing me to feel good about myself again. No longer do I wake up and dread seeing myself in the mirror. I have a new lease on life and look forward to every day because I look my best.

Tom M.

We met 4 years ago when we took our son to get fitted for a wig. He has Alopecia this is a condition that causes hair loss.

She did an amazing job, you couldn’t even tell it was a wig after she cut it and fitted it on him. She took time when we were not able to get the wig on – she showed us how.

After that, I use her for my own hair care needs. She does a great job and is a very compassionate person. She volunteers her time to “Wigs for Kids”. I would highly recommend her for your everyday hair needs, as well as, hair replacement issues.

Shannon S.

Meet My Customer

My customers want a positive perception of their appearance. The proper hair restoration will improve their appearance and put them at ease. My services allow people to feel comfortable with their physical appearance.

Your self-image is important. When you feel good about your appearance, people sense it in your facial expressions, the way you talk, and your body language. They will respond to your demeanor in kind. Hence, hair restoration is not a luxury. It’s a necessity to keep your mental well-being.

Take a look at the final pictures of my clients on this website. You can see the confidence and self-assurance in their faces when hair restoration is performed the right way. I offer the best customize hair restoration system you can buy in Tampa Bay.

A Natural Look

My talents and experience enable me to consistently achieve the best-hair results to resolve hair loss. I provide a natural look that everyone will think is your real hair that will remain undetectable with proper attention and monthly care.

At the privacy of my studio, I’ll work with you to capture the intended look and image you want to project to the world. You will feel composure around your work- associates, friends, and family. Isn’t it about time to take action about your hair? Let’s get started.


Call Laura (813) 990-9234 now for a free consultation to discuss your new look.

Customized Nonsurgical Hair Restoration System

lgc hair restoration client

LGC Hair Restoration customer with lovely Healthy-Natural-Looking Hair

You don’t have to live with Hair Loss!  Hair Loss has caused many people to be home-bound and rob them of quality-of-life. I, (Laura Craig), can change this situation . Get my  Free Hair Restoration Consultation to find out more about what my customized nonsurgical Hair Restoration System can do for you and get the answers to all your questions. I am a State Licensed Cosmetologist for over 39 years and a Certified Hair Restoration Specialist with over 32 years of experience.


Call Today for an Appointment: (813) 990-9234

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Hereditary Baldness

Thinning Hair

Hair Loss is a Serious Problem

In our society, people well-groomed with a full head of hair appear to be more energetic, younger and seem to look better.

A natural hair appearance and hairstyle to suit your personality is an essential part of your well-being, self-esteem, and the confidence you project.

As an experienced cosmetologist, I know first-hand how stressful and disturbing hair loss can be. It’s a key reason why people don’t want to engage socially. I have helped thousands of people to overcome these difficulties of hair loss.

Let’s fix your hair loss problem. Please call Laura Craig to make your appointment today.


I have the Credentials

My qualifications exceed those of my competitors to solve your Hair Loss Problem the best way.

I am a graduate of Temple Terrace Beauty College and the Hair Replacement Hair Academy. Also, I am a licensed Cosmetologist for 39 years and Certified Hair Restoration Specialist for 32 years.

I use my talents and skills in hairstyling, hair coloring, haircutting, and hair restoration to address your hair loss problem effectively. I have developed my best-practices to give you best services in Tampa Bay.

As LGC Hair Restoration owner and operator, I am Tampa Bay’s leading hair restoration expert helping people from all walks of life find their hair solutions.

I offer hair loss solutions for men, women, and children.


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