Generally the cause of alopecia is not known. Somes studies have shown that alopecia could be hereditary and triggered by a variety of factors including stress, medication, childbirth and illness. Alopecia could also be a symptom of diseases such as diabetes, lupus, and thyroid conditions, Some doctors believe Alopecia to be an autoimmune disorder that damages hair follicles through a malfunctioning immune system. For most poeple, Alopecia may resolve itself without treatment within a year, but hair loss is sometimes permanent.

High-quality Hair Restoration Solutions look like your real hair to neutralize the emotional negative effects of alopecia. It’s vital to feel normal and inconspicuous.

The right  Customized Hair Restoration System for you will depend on several facrors and the specific physcial appearance of the alopecia. The Hair Restoration Solution may range a simple hair extension to a full comfortable canial prosthesis with an invisible hairline to give it a natural look.

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