Hair is Not Just Hair

Hair is Not Just Hair

before chemotherapy I have always believed beauty was on the inside, not just on the out, but when I lost my long chocolate hair that draped almost to the center off my back, it was a devastating blow. That is when I learned the hard lesson that hair is NOT JUST HAIR.

Hair, especially to a female, has the ability to change a person’s self-esteem, their demeanor and even their physical health. A person’s hair not only effects the person who is wearing it, it effects the person’s entire family. How do I know all this? Because I recently lost my hair at age 37 due to medical treatment which was meant to cure my brain tumor. hair loss due to chemotherapyAs a law enforcement deputy, my hair was usually tied up tightly in a bun, but it was the one thing that made me feel feminine.

On my days off, I would proudly display my long locks and loved the compliments I would receive on them. In the spring of 2019, when they began to fall out in large chunks, I thought I was tough enough to handle the process. Turns out, I was not as tough as I thought. Even though I struggled with the loss of my hair, what was a thousand times worse was watching what it did to my three year old little girl. My sweet innocent child, became afraid to brush her hair because she thought her hair would fall out too. She became much more aware of the battle her Mommy was fighting.

After chemotherapy As others would stare inadvertently or make comments, she saw and overheard them. My baby girl would ask me questions like “Mommy … are you leaving me to go to heaven?” My three year old was having to deal with the cruelty of life way to early and it was changing her as well.

I had fallen in love with a human hair wig … only to be quoted the extravagant price of $1800.00. I was no longer employed, barely able to pay my medical bills, or provide the lifestyle my family was accustomed too, so it was hard “NO” when I learned the price tag of the wig. Synthetic wigs irritated my scalp severely, and human hair wigs were super expensive. That is when an organization (The Angel Foundation of Brandon) contacted me and spoke to me about my “situation”.

affects of chemotherapyAfter trying on many different brands and types of wigs, I realizing quickly I knew NOTHING about hair prosthetics, I needed help. That is when I met my angel … LGC hair restoration owner and hair expert Laura Craig. Laura has managed to create the most amazing salon, I would call it more of a refuge. It is intentionally small, giving it an intimate feel. She services one person at a time, and never once rushed me through the process. The salon owner is ACTUALLY the person assisting you in this life changing process.

hair restoration resultsLaura took the time to hear my story and help me pick out a human hair wig that was appropriate for my lifestyle. She introduced me to SPLENDOR! A human hair wig that is absolutely gorgeous, can be washed and styled like real hair and actually fit my head! When I had questions at a later date on how to properly care for SPLENDA, Laura never hesitated and invited me back to the salon for a private session on the easiest way to wash and style my beautiful hair.

When I walked through the door of my home wearing my new locks, my baby girl squealed with delight screaming “Mommy … you look like a princess!”  She then asked if she could touch it or even brush it. When I told her “yes”, her eyes lit up in delight!

hair restoration with a high quality wigLaura and the Angel Foundation changed my life that day. Even though, I do not know how my story will end, I DO KNOW that I have found a friend who will be by my side during this journey. She offers hair restoration in a variety of forms, in my opinion, better than her big box competitors and at a much better price. If you are considering making this investment for yourself or your loved one, I highly suggest giving LGC hair restorations a call.

Much Love,

Brooke A. Melton

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John Barbato

John Barbato

Testimonial by John Barato

hereditary baldnessHaving spent several years obsessing over my thinning crown and slow-progressing recession, I decided to take action when my sister, with no ill-intent, made mention of my”bald” spot while on a family vacation last summer. From thickening shampoos to hair powders, I was having no such luck finding satisfaction in “fixing” my hair loss. I began exploring the option of hair restoration, meeting with several “established” businesses in the area. Time and time again, I left feeling the consultations as though their priority was about making a sale and getting a contract/ membership signed rather than being interested in creating a relationship with the client (me!) and truly understanding my needs.

hereditary baldnessRunning low on hope, I was at a friend’s Christmas party this past year where I was having a conversation with an individual who had great hair. After complimenting him, I learned that he used Laura for hair restoration. Of course, I quickly got her contact information and made an appointment as soon as I possibly could.

I have been seeing Laura for almost a year now, and I can honestly say she has changed my life. From my initial consult to now, a year later, she has always been attentive to my needs and has a genuine concern for the way I will feel walking out of her studio after she works her magic. The work she does is heart-felt and comes from a place of care and compassion.

hair loss restorationAt the start of my process, I was admittedly a nervous wreck; however, Laura was just a quick text away if I needed ANYTHING! Being extremely active, my biggest concern was the hair system remaining intact through rigorous physical activity (I.e., the combination of the extreme FL humidity and sweating).

Laura was able to listen to these concerns and address them as needed using the appropriate products to ensure I always look my best. I had not realized how much time I spent obsessing over my hair, or lack thereof, until I met Laura and stopped. She has been a blessing and the best gift anyone can give is the gift of a referral. Without any hesitation, I give Laura my highest recommendation for any of your hair restoration needs.

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