Generally, hair will grow back after the chemotherapy drugs are completely dispelled from the body. Usually, hair loss may be experienced on the head, eyelashes, eyebrows, and elsewhere during treatment. Hair loss approximately occurs within 2 weeks after the start of the chemotherapy treatment, During treatment, hair loss becomes more severe for 1–2 months. As part of the treatment, doctors advise hair restoration to improve morale and prevent depression due to hair loss.

LGC Hair Restoration’s customers with health insurance or VA benefits may get the total or a portion of their hair restoration expenses reimbursed during chemotherapy, Check with your health provider, insurance company or VA Office to determine the amount of coverage for your semi-permanent hair replacement.

A high-quality Hair Restoration Solution looks like your real hair to neutralize the emotional negative effects of chemotherapy. It’s vital to feel normal and inconspicuous during the chemotherapy treatments and attain a mind-set for recovery.

An excellent and popular Customized Hair Restoration System is an European Wig that’s easy to use and provides a natural look. I will help you get the Customized Hair Restoration System that’s right for you.

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