Hereditary Baldness

The common reason for hair loss is hereditary baldness for men and women. Genetic baldness is a so-call natural condition caused by a combination of genetics, hormone levels, and the aging process. It’s not a disease.

Both men and women will notice some hair loss or hair thinning as they age. However, up to 40% of men and women will experience a more visible form of this condition known as hereditary baldness. Hair loss may typically start at the age of 20 through 30. For women, hair loss is most evident after menopause. Hereditary baldness is also called androgenetic alopecia. In men, it’s referred to as male-pattern baldness.

Research is starting to shed light on the cause of hair loss due to hereditary baldness. Under the normal cycle of hair growth, a type of male hormone testosterone can result in shorter, thinner, or smaller hair. Eventually, hair growth in particular areas of the scalp ceases entirely, which causes the typical pattern of hair loss. Science has now revealed that hereditary baldness is not inherited from the mother’s side of the family. Hereditary baldness depends on genes contributed by both parents.

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